Aspidoras sp. “Black Phantom” C-35
by Eric Bodrock

I received my breeding group as fry, just about a week or so after their hatching, from a fellow hobbyist, Kevin Newsome in Utah. He had to come to the Pittsburgh area for work and was going to be here for several weeks and knew that without his care they would die. He brought them to me in a small bottle that he had in his shirt pocket that he carried with him during his flight! This was about a week before Thanksgiving 2000. Most of them survived to adulthood, which left me 10 males and 1 female!!! As I was still growing them out in a 10-gallon tank, I noticed fry in with them. After checking a sunken mop I noticed a few small eggs. I moved the parents and raised those fry in that tank. The adults continue to spawn what appears to be all the time, laying just a few eggs at a time. Neither the adults nor larger sized fry seem to bother the younger, smaller fry. My adult female is a total length of 1 1/8" and the males just reach 1". Female has a much heavier body, while the males are very slender.

For breeding the pH runs from 6.8-7.2 between water changes that are done every 7-10 days. As more fry are seen, I do more frequent water changes and move the adults to allow the youngsters to grow out. Temperatures range from 72-75 degree Fahrenheit. Diet typical for Corydoras cats, with a good supply of live Black Worms. I also think it is important to cover the bottom third to half of the tank with spawning mops to give the eggs and fry cover. Only filtering that I use with them is a sponge filter.

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