Corydoras axelrodi by Eric Bodrock

Corydoras axelrodi (12-25-00) --  See Corydoras davidsandsi for details on water conditions at time of spawn. The spawning occurred during the afternoon with overhead lights on. Breeding group contains 13 first (F1) and second (F2) generation adult fish, nine males and four females. Males average 4cm and females 5cm in size. As with most Corydoras the female are thicker and heavy bodied while the males stay slender. Eggs are just under 2mm in size and mostly deposited under a sunken mop. A few can be found on the sides of the aquarium and in the mop. The eggs are fairly sticky. Parents don't seem to bother the eggs. Number of eggs is usually small, around 25 - 30, hatch rate just above 50%. Fry grow fairly quick.

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