Corydoras caudimaculatus by Eric Bodrock

Corydoras caudimaculatus These Corys show up every now and then at pet shops and on wholesalers list, but by no means are they common. I have seen a couple of various color patterns of these guys; mostly the size of the small spots that cover the body and probably more obvious, the size of the larger spot at the base of the tail. I would describe their appearance as a short, bulky fish with both sexes show a very wide, thick body. Males can grow to about 5 cm and females a little larger to near 6 cm.
I obtained my breeding group of 8 fish from two different sources around 4 years ago, back in 1997. They have been spawning pretty often in System "A" for about two years now. Once they begin to spawn, they often continue for a couple of days. Usually spawning will start either very early in the morning or while still dark, but most of the eggs will be laid during the daylight hours. Eggs are deposited on aquarium sides, mostly up the corners, with a few on the bare glass bottom or even in sunken mops. My parents don't seem to bother with their eggs. Egg count of their spawn can range from 60-100. The eggs are kind of large, near 2 mm in size. Good eggs are pretty sticky, bad eggs when touched will drop right off the glass. Good eggs look to be a clear/gray color while bad eggs show a white middle. My fertility rate among my group has always been low, under fifty percent.
The fry resemble the adults at a very early age. They are the slowest growing of all the Corydoras I've raised. (2001)

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