Corydoras davidsandsi by Eric Bodrock

Corydoras davidsandsi (12-25-00) --  The current spawning group I have consist of about twelve, first generation (F1) adults. There are about half male to female. Males are around 5cm in size, which is about 1cm smaller than the females. Females are more robust and thicker than the males, even more noticeable when filled with eggs. They are housed one of the fifteen-gallon tanks in system "B". Their diet is the same as all of my other Corydoras cats. Live black worms, freeze-dried Tubifex worms, assorted tablet foods and just recently a little bit of frozen Cyclops. This latest spawn occurred several hours after daybreak at the same time that a group of Corydoras axelrodi were spawning in the same system. I want to mention that these spawns also happened to follow a spawn of C. simulatus that took place the night before and I was to find out later in the late afternoon my group of thirteen C. oiapoquensis decided to spawn too! I never would have thought that a central system would trigger spawning as it does, but it works. And works well! The water conditions at time of the spawn were as follows: pH very low, TDS meter reading of 203. Temperature of  74F. A 60% water change was done a day earlier. Corydoras davidsandsi have very sticky eggs. They are rather large in size; a good 2mm. The eggs are darker (brownish) with color when first seen, not clear like many of Cory species. Most eggs were deposited directly in a sunken mop, a few under the mop and several randomly scattered on the aquariums glass bottom. Egg count runs around 60-70 with a high hatch rate, 90% or better. Fry grow fairly quick.

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