Corydoras gossei by Eric Bodrock

Corydoras Gossei.jpg (13286 bytes)Corydoras gossei (12-24-00) --  I got these fish when I worked for Jim and Nancy White, owners of White's Fish Farm in Mogadore Ohio, back in 1995. White's Fish Farm was a large pet wholesale business, specializing in tropical fish. The White's are friends with Adolfo Schwartz and did a lot of business with him, often with the oddball and unusual fish. That is where the shipment of these great looking Corydoras arrived from and I immediately know I had to have them. After convincing myself that the wholesale price of $25 a piece wouldn't put me in poverty, I decided on a dozen (and a few weeks later added 2 more)!  I have been spawning them regularly now since about a year after I got them. Conditions have varied over the years but with regular successful spawns. They spawn thru out the year, even in the warmer summer months when most other Corydoras spawning is idle. Summer spawns do seem to be smaller and not as frequent. Presently, they are maintained in my system "A". Normal, regular conditions in system "A" are as follows; low pH (A guess at 6.0), TDS reading of 250. Regular water changes of 25%-50%, every seven to ten days. The temperature holds around 74F. The most recent spawn occurred a few days before Christmas. It was a smaller that normal spawn, numbering approximately one hundred-fifty eggs. Their regular egg count ranges between three - four hundred eggs. Eggs are good size, close to 2mm and very sticky. This makes it easy to roll the eggs off the glass and transfer them into a hatching tank. Spawning always occurs during daylight hours, usually starting an hour or so after first light. Eggs are almost always laid on the aquarium sides in small patches, with most eggs laid in the vicinity of each other. The fertility rate is very high, over 90%. I have watched spawning females continuously mouth over already deposited eggs for hours. I believe that is the reason for the successful hatch rate. All of the fish in the colony go into a frenzy during a spawn. Spawning parents repeatedly perform the "T"

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C. gossei spawn1.jpg (15841 bytes) C. gossei spawn2.jpg (25778 bytes) C. gossei spawn3.jpg (27402 bytes)
"T" position Female holding eggs Female depositing eggs


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