Corydoras oiapoquensis by Eric Bodrock

Corydoras oiapoquensis.jpg (39847 bytes) Corydoras oiapoquensis (12-25-00) --  Also see Corydoras davidsandsi  for details of water conditions at time of spawning. These guys spawn just like C. panda. Most eggs are deposited in a sunken mop. A few might be seen on the aquarium sides or on the glass bottom. My breeding group consists of thirteen first generation (F1) adults, about 3 -3 1/2 years old. They were spawned and raised by the "Michigan Cory Master", Dave Grzanka. They have produced several small spawns off and on over the past two years with only several fry hatched and raised. Mostly the eggs, as soon as I see them, appear white in color and no good. I do believe that as with many Corydoras species the breeder adults need to be at least several years old to spawn. I currently have a group of C. araguaiaensis that I first spawned about 7 years ago. They were wild adults when I got them, I would guess at least two or three years old, and are probably putting out better spawns now, close to ten years old, than they ever have! This spawn of C. oiapoquensis has proved to be their best looking to date, highest egg count near sixty and just about all look good. All but two eggs were found in the mop. Eggs are super sticky and a good 2mm in size. Parents don't bother eggs; as a matter of fact, several times in the past I have found small fry or two swimming across the bottom of the tank with the adults. These are smaller sized Corys, males average 4 - 4.5cm with females reaching 5cm. Fry look identical to the parents at a young age.

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